Employee Handbook Service

Customize or Update an Existing Handbook for a Remarkably Low Fee!

How does the service work?

  • The law firm of Scott & Whitehead will have an attorney who specializes in advising employers on a broad range of employment-related matters, and in the review and preparation of employee handbooks, meet with you and your management team to discuss in detail your organization and its personnel policy needs, as well as current laws and requirements.
  • Based on the information gathered during the consultation, Scott & Whitehead will prepare a customized Employee Handbook, that is in compliance with all applicable federal and state employment laws, and that meets the needs and realities of your particular organization.
  • Additional personnel forms are also available, such as new hire and termination forms, meal period waivers, corrective action notices, time sheets, etc.
  • You will then have an opportunity to review the entire Handbook and all additional forms to ensure that they: (a) reflect your organization’s policies and procedures; (b) contain all of the policies and procedures you want addressed; and (c) are ready for distribution and implementation. If you have any additional questions or concerns, or if you want to make any changes to the Handbook or provided forms, there is no additional fee.
  • Your customized Employee Handbook and all forms will be provided to you electronically to ensure your ability to re-format and revise the documents at any time. Once finalized, you will also receive information regarding how to implement your Handbook with both new and current employees.

How much does the service cost?

  • $3,350 for 1 – 10 employees*
  • $3,750 for 11 – 49 employees*
  • $4,750 for 50 – 99 employees*
  • $5,750 for 100 or more employees*

To take advantage of this offer, call Scott & Whitehead at 949-222-0166.

* Rates include consultation by telephone or in our office. On-site consultation is available for an additional fee.