Employer Guidebooks

Real World Challenges and Solutions

Why do so many managers and supervisors handle disciplinary matters improperly? Learn about the "Three Strikes," the most common mistakes made by supervisors and how to avoid them. Other areas covered in this ground-breaking book include:

  • The Personnel File: What Goes In It? Who Can See It?
  • Personnel Forms: Are You Using the Right Ones?
  • Performance Appraisals: Why Don’t They Work? How You Can Improve the Process At Your Company.
  • Objective Documentation: How to Get the Facts You Will Need.
  • Progressive Discipline: Making the Process Work for You.
  • Discharges: Important Steps You Must Take Before and After.
  • Protecting Yourself Against a Lawsuit: What Juries Look For.

With important chapters covering when you should produce subpoenaed documents, how position descriptions can protect you PLUS many new forms, policies and guidelines to protect your company and make your job easier!

This totally new and revised edition features 25% more content including important new material on the I-9 process, employee handbooks, and much much more.

SPECIAL BONUS – A CD with 25 sample forms, policies and lists available for you to download and use NOW!

The total cost for this book is $79 plus tax.
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Employment Law 101 Just the Basics for California Employers

Are you new to the Human Resource field or just been chosen to head the employment law responsibilities for your company?

" Employment Law 101-Just the Basics for California Employers" provides basic information to assist managers, business owners and human resource professionals with their employment law responsibilities.

Presented in a user-friendly format, "Employment Law 101-Just the Basics for California Employers" is filled with over 100 pages of simplified information to provide you with the tools you need as a California employer.

Topics Covered:

Harassment/Discrimination Issues
Sexual Harassment
Other Harassment
Americans with Disabilities Act

Safety/Health Requirements
Safety and Injury Prevention Programs
Drugs and Alcohol
The "Be a Manager, Go to Jail" Act

Wages and Hours
Exempt/Non-exempt Employees
Vacation Pay


Employee Handbooks

Leave of Absence
The Family Rights Act and
the Family and Medical Leave Act
Pregnancy Leave
Military Leave

Reduction in Force
Severance and Releases
Job Reference Checks

Miscellaneous Employee Issues
Personnel Files
Off-duty Activities
Records Retention

The total cost for this book is $129 plus tax.
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